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I'm bringing sexy back?

Uh back again. O_O After soon to be a year.

Ahem. Well yes. I apparently went off to save babies from burning buildings, and kitties from trees. Oh what a life I lead. I guess that could explain my ~hiatus

Along with the fact school has imprisoned me (from saving babies?)

But HI GUIZE. I betchu I lost some friends. Oh lordy ;( I haven't been on this poreber. Plz forgive my absense for many months. I probably had some unfinished fanfics ( Actually I did. Damn. ) to write and moments in my life I havent captured. And I'll admit I only logged on just to go on sheldon_penny bc their my new OTP.

AS FOR MY ASIAN FANDOM. JE I've been so out of touch with. Actually ALL asian fandom. Last thing that I was ever close to was Ryusei no Kizuna. RL has been a heavy blouder on my shoulder. I bet I missed out some juice JE music or news.

But I'm back! And as I posted in my ~RLxanga~ reverse psychology works on me, and I should tell myself to not update this. And I've been posting on my RL xanga lately.

So anything new with me? Uh I'm a senior now (IM OLD) soon to be hitting the big 1-8, still waiting on college acceptance letters, slowly returning back to my asian fandom, retrieving back my big bang fandom, and jolly that AI is back. (NOT JOLLY HOWEVER THAT ABDC CUT BOXCUTTUHZ? BOO)

But yes I'll be (~not? *reverse*) updating more. ITSAPROMISE :(

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HINA!!! ♥ hah i still remember.
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After all these tears between us...


It's my friend, Elphbert's bday too. So happy bday to him. I was invited to his beach party for his bday but I need rest more than party ;[ How lame am I?

Gah, I LIVE! See? I haven't updated this in centuries D: So a short recap on my life and what has kept me from updating my journal.

1. School. Thats #1. And everything below that deals with this
2. My election. I lost ;[
3. CSTS [standardized testing]
4. SAT studying
5. American Idol 8D

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And what happened today? Woke up at 6:00am to get ready to go take more tests. SATS D:
It was fun with my friends there in the beginning, and my proctor was actually nice. The test was easier than I expected. I mean it wasn't like SUPEEER easy. But it wasn't extremely difficuly. I have to thank my dad for getting the 07-08 Up Your Score Vid. It's so much win ♥ and it really helped me with vocab. I ran into people from freshmen year that moved to another school. That was fun.

NOWW onto JE ness. I'm deprieved, and I'm lazy to scroll down to update myself. All I got was that NEWS summer single is out. More updates will be helpful ♥

Oh and David's cover to Neil Diamond song 'All I really need is you' is love (like all his songs) I keep listening it over and over. It screams Ryo/Erika honestly. I think it'll make me finish the sequel to Fall to Pieces

I need to watch Last Friends.

Oh & intimidate where you atttt? haha imy bb ;\
jun/mao : otp


I’m the reason behind Koki Tanaka’s smile
& my fairytale story comes true;Kazunari Ninomiya kisses me when I am sleeping ♥♥
When I can't fall asleep, Jun Matsumoto sings me Love So Sweet as a lullaby♫, KISSES me, makes strip-tease♥♥ and becomes my
teddy bear
[ Koki Tanaka] told me that I'm » h i s « Precious ONE ~!!
On WHITE DAY, {Yokoyama Yu} sang { Heavenly Psycho ♫ } for me while holding my hand in front of people
{Kazunari Ninomiya} k i s s e d  me  passionately in the rain and pinned me against the hood of his car   with the intention of never stopping.

« I held Ryo Nishikido 's hand while watching a monster movie at his place. »
One night, {Yokoyama Yu} couldn't sleep so he sneaked into my room and cuddled up against me!

 •°I have a [Yokoyama Yu]  
Tree growing with love in my backyard.•°
Koki Tanaka and ME = the ultimate OTP ever

Aoi Miyazakiis the other side of me. ~
Leah Dizonis the other side of me. ~
Yasuda Shota
puts the rainbow in my life
Koki Tanaka❤, let's create

the perfect crime.

I steal your heart, and you steal mine
{Yokoyama Yu} served me breakfast in bed,
*ONLY* wearing an apron

Kazunari Ninomiya
puts the rainbow in my life
Yokoyama Yu❤, let's create

the perfect crime.

I steal your heart, and you steal mine

Yokoyama Yu + Leah L » otp!
LOVE ADDICTION Photobucket Yokoyama Yu
jun/mao : otp

SuJu virus is attacking me :0

lol it's so funny too, because I was like 'Hmm..I should start listening to them too' So I watching some PVs [like Happiness and U] then I'd had to go eat, and I got a phone call from xrei_chanx two hours later, my dad calls me in, and he said to watch something on youtube. (hes practically fascinated by youtube lol) and he shows me

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This doesnt mean I'm leaving my JE fandom in the dust >__>

I've been listening to a lot of K8. xrei_chanx and I talk on the phone a lot about k8 and have many crack scenarios XD

and I was like 'A CALENDER' :D
Dad: o_o ...
Me: ...I'll show you later

^IMPLYING THE k8 CALENDER. I know what my mom will say.
'You and your crazee japanese groups you like...>_> *cold*'

butbutbut I want SSBrawl too ;__; Damn I'm spoiled *only child* D:

&I'm lame. I told myself to go on the computer to finish Ch 3 of Butterflies and Ch 2 of Look After You, but..I got distracted. :(

Time to eat~♥



P.S. OH I should talk to you guys more on messengers! o.o cuz now I have no life AIM, anyone?
jun/mao : otp

FANFIC - Fall to Pieces [Ryo/Erika]

TITLE: Fall to Pieces
PAIRING: Ryo/Erika
GENRE: angst and pinch of fluff
DISCLAMER: Don’t own anything but the plot.
RATING: PG (language?)
DESCRIPTION: Out of all the people she'd ever run into, it had to be him
A/N: Another fic? Er, yes ^_^; One-shot though! Got distracted from writing chapter 2 of Look After You. The title is from Avril Lavigne’s song. I was just listening to it, then Ryo/Erika came to mind, and the need to write. Feedback appreciated~

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jun/mao : otp

Look After You - Ryo/Erika fanfic

TITLE: Look After You
PAIRING: Ryo/Erika (and some yamaki)
GENRE: AU, Romance, Angst
DISCLAMER: I don’t own Ryo sadly. Or Erika. Or JE. Or Stardust ….I fail D:
A/N: A rewrite of my Déjà vu story. It’s kind of the same plot, only written differently…and possibly better I hope :D Dedicated to all Ryo/Erika fans.
DESCRIPTION: There’s a reason for everything in life, no matter how good or bad the situation is. That was something he believed. But he couldn’t find a good explanation why he kept wanting to see her. Even if it only meant mindless rambles to himself and quiet observations.

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yukan club

Butterflies - Yuri/Seishiro fic - chapter 2

Story title: Butterflies
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Pairings/Characters: Yuri/Seishiro
Rating/Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: Yukan Club does not belong to me, sadly
Summary: Yuri Kenbishi had a stomachache…only not from food.
Author's Note: Based on the dorama and a little after episode 5. Slightly spoiler-y on later chapters if you haven’t seen ep 5 yet. Credits to my awesome editor xrei_chanx 

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